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How Was 6ENSE born


Scalability and easy-adopt

We started this project with a vision of a more efficient marketplace. By leveraging blockchain technology, we believe we can make this a reality. Our team is dedicated to creating a platform that is secure, reliable and flexible. We are currently developing our proprietary blockchain to power our platform and bring our vision to life. We want to empower businesses to trade without worry, and to do so with the confidence that their transactions are being conducted securely.

Operational Excellence

At the Plantogroup Blockchain and Catalyst Supply Chain, we take pride in our highly skilled and experienced team members. Our integration of the Catalyst network companies and the adoption of the 6ense system is led by a team of professionals who are committed to driving growth and innovation in the blockchain and DeFi space. Collaboration with other company and supervisor like EtherAuthority, combine securely and progress.


Meet the Founders

Governance & project manager


Company of venture capital

INET Catalyst CHAIN Real Economics


Industrial Company for cannabis & Lead company in cannabis Catalyst supply chain

Team Developer


Manufacturers of hardware and software for automations, blockchain systems, dapps, web & Lead company on Catalyst Maker supply chain.



6ENSE in the News

As the creators of 6ENSE, we are thrilled to see our blockchain platform gaining recognition in the news. From its potential to revolutionize supply chain management to its impact on transparency and security, 6ENSE has been generating excitement among industry experts and media outlets alike. Check out the articles below to get up to speed on the latest news about 6ENSE.

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